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Our search professionals work with you to define the skills critical to the position and to understand your culture, environment, and reporting structure. Many times, and if necessary we can act as an strategic advisory on job market trends, reasonable compensation and the competitor landscape. We then load your parameters into our proven search methodology. 

We assumes responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business. We leverage our large network of talented professionals, and our wide range of recruiting resources to identify the talent you need to reach your business objectives.


The result is a small number of highly qualified candidates, that our interested in your opportunity and excited to begin the interview process, sparing your company the significant time and energy required to review and interview unqualified people.





  • Quickly and effectively acquire the talent needed to achieve business objectives

  • Reduce time-to-hire

  • Improve quality of hires

  • Efficiently meet evolving talent needs

  • Leverage strengths of existing search staff

  • Build a long term collaborative relationship to assist with long-term business and technology hiring gaps.


With developing and changing markets, Vishvek Consulting has strategically expanded their successful core business 'talent resourcing' for international professionals to include HR Consultancy and Expat Services in Asia and Europe.

In the pursuit of the right fit for your skills, there are several key points to remember about our process:

  • You are in total control of our direction at all times.

  • After you define the parameters of the positions that interest you, we'll do all the searching.

  • Our search won't impact your personal time.

  • There's no cost to you, the hiring company pays our fee.

  • We are employment specialists with extensive knowledge and experience. We present opportunities you would not find on your own, and we assist you in evaluating, negotiating and transitioning into your new role.

  • Our searches are confidential. Your identity will be released only with your permission, when you feel it is appropriate.​

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