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While it’s been said that there are no “new ideas” in the world, there are definitely new, powerful ways of sharing and teaching universal truths and critical concepts that lead to positive life and career success. And for the coach to be a right fit with you, the model for change needs to speak to you directly, and have proven efficacy in addressing the exact types of challenges you are experiencing. 

Am I going in the right direction? Why doesn’t my job satisfy me the way it used to? How do I get what I want? What do I want? Is this promotion, or this company, right for me? Is moving into management something I want to do? Should I make a shift, or can I refocus my efforts?

Coming up with the answers to questions like these isn’t always easy. For one thing, you might not have all of the information that you need to develop that answer, or even enough information to understand your questions.


We have coach from multiple global locations.


Talk to us on career, academics, professional decision making, certification and other aspects. We get you the right coach as per your problem statement.


75 USD for 3 sessions in 2 years


One-time subscription provides you 3 consultations. you can utilize 3 sessions anytime in 2 years.

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